Confederate Gold is a modern-day romp through Richmond, Virginia’s Civil War history. Reenactors find long-lost Confederate gold and a madcap chase ensues. The reenactors, determined to donate the gold to preserve Civil War battlefields, are pursued by a diverse array of adversaries, including a white militia, black separatists, and Greek mobsters, having designs of their own for the gold.
     Along the way, the Confederate reenactors struggle with family, sweethearts, and each other. Leading the band of rebels is Captain Raleigh Fuqua, an overbearing man with sentimental views of the war. Private Gordon Barrett sees the war in intellectual and sardonic tones. Pat McCandlish and Hezekiah Shreve have their own reasons for immersing themselves in nineteenth-century war games. The role players test their friendships and the boundaries of legality as they flee and fight their assailants. The colorful reenacting community comes to their aid with Civil War military tactics and weaponry.
     The race is on across Richmond’s intriguing landscape of battlefields and historic sites as the characters embark upon a journey of history and heart. The result is an action-packed comedy taking a serious look at the American Civil War through the eyes of reenactors in the twenty-first century. But the main character in this novel is the city of Richmond, Virginia, struggling with its past. As the capital of the Confederacy, Richmond was at the center of America’s defining event, and the characters populating this story endeavor to come to peace with it.